SBR Rubber Sheets

Styrene-Butadiene rubber (SBR) belongs to the family of synthetic rubbers that is derived from Styrene and Butadiene. The SBR exceeds all synthetic rubbers in consumption as it is very widely used in the automobile industry for the manufacture of tyres because of its excellent abrasion resistance and ageing stability. The SBR rubber was initially marketed by the name of BuNa-S because of its content concentration of Butadiene (Bu), Sodium (Na) and Styrene(S).


Types of SBR:
The SBR is a polymer derived from two monomers – styrene and butadiene. The polymerization can be conducted by using two distinct processes hence two different types of SBR are produced namely S-SBR (Solution-SBR) and E-SBR (Emulsion-SBR).

Properties of SBR:
Most of the chemical and physical properties of the SBR resemble the natural rubber (NR). However, there are a few distinguishing features that make it better than the NR:
The SBR has better resistance to heat than NR; however, it has poorer tear strength and fatigue resistance in comparison to NR sheets.
It has excellent abrasion resistance, tensile strength and ageing ability when protected by additives which makes it an excellent choice for tyres in automobile industry.
Also, it is extremely flexible, tough and multifaceted adding to its properties for usage in automotive, coal mining and construction industries.

Uses of SBR:The automobile industry:
More than 50% of the automobile industry uses SBR for the manufacture of car and truck tyres.

Commercial usage:
Shoe heels and soles
Chewing gum
It is used as a resin to bind pigmented coatings on papers.
Speaker driver manufacturers it as a material for low damping rubber surrounds in the speakers.
Building or construction application:
Sealing and binding agent behind renders as it has the properties of extreme durability, reduced shrinkage and increased flexibility along with being resistant to emulsification in damp areas.
Used for “tanking” damp rooms or surfaces especially for basement constructions.


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