Natural Rubber Sheet

Natural Rubber Sheetings are chiefly utilized for implementations that need flexibility along with elasticity. Both these factors are combined with resistance towards tearing, cut, abrasion and even low temperatures. The base of these sheets is Natural Rubber which is derived from latex, a liquid extracted from rubber plantations. The sheets are known for their noteworthy mechanical properties, high resilience, superior elongation, low compression set, and flexibility feature too.
They are quality tested and made of organic material to withstand tough applications such as salts, mild acids, alkalis, and other types of chemicals. Duratuf Pure Grade Rubber Sheets (PGRS) are produced with high percentage of top quality natural rubber to enhance the properties of Natural Rubber sheets in every respect compared to Commercial or Standard Grade.
Duratuf PGRS are designed to be extra flexible and ensure trustworthy low compression durability. Further, they are always quality tested because of being immensely demanded across industry verticals.


Choice of Hardness

Available in hardness from 30° to 80° Shore A, one can choose based on their application
Chemical Resistance

It is resistant to most of the acids, water, salts and alkalis
Surface Design

It can be designed in smooth or fabric finish for one or even both sides
Best Mechanical Properties

Its mechanical properties are best among polymers along with high flexibility
Superior Abrasion Resistance

It can be blended with special polymers to provide superior abrasion resistance
High Resistance Retention

It retains high resistance towards tear, cut, & abrasion


Natural Rubber Sheets are used as:

Gasket and Packing Material

Anti-abrasion Rubber Lining for Materials Handling

Shot Blasting Room Cover

Vibration Isolators and Seals


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