Machine made Custom Designed Carpets


Machine-made or machine tufted carpets for Hotels, Banquet Halls, Restaurants, Conference Halls in PP (HS) piles in various qualities and designs are provided as per customer requirements or as per the requirements of Architects and Interior designers for their respective projects.

Design and colour schemes are selected by the client to match their other interior of the location. These PP carpets are heavy duty and long lasting, easy to maintain, stain resistant, fire retardant and rich in look. Such carpets saves on electricity in air conditioning and reduces the noise level and breakage cost of cutlery etc.

Machine-made custom designed carpets – Made to Order


Architects and interior designer has vide choice to use such machine made carpets in their own patterns, colour schemes. They provide us the repeatable geometrical or floral designs and we bring out their dreams in carpets.






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