Duro Rubb / Anti Skid Flooring

Duro-Rubb is an innovative and tough extruded rubber matting that is designed to withstand rumble and tumble of daily use.
Its unique characteristics and construction make it the most preferred choice in applications that demand heavy footfalls and heavy load bearing capacities.
Offices, Hotels, Hospitals, Computer Rooms, Library, Cinema Halls.
Electric rooms / Pump rooms.
Staircases, Balconies.
Bathrooms, Swimming Pools.
Schools, Kinder Gardens.
Amusement Park.
Industrial Flooring in Production Areas.

Transport / Delivery vehicles.

Duro Rubb / Anti Skid Flooring


Duro Rubb from Time Technoplast is an outstanding product for various purposes.

It is made of synthetic resin and crumble rubber.

It comes in various thickness of 2mm, 3mm  and 5mm thickness.



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